Classic Eyelash Extension Training

Course Description

The Lash House classic eyelash extension training program is for licensed professionals to learn the fundamentals and practice of classic eyelashes. This program is designed to learn the theory of the natural lash growth cycle and safely practice classic lash application. The Lash House training program teaches techniques and tips for proper placement of the lash extentions. The extensions should be comfortable and be able for the client to have longevity, while still maintaining the natural lash health. The Lash House offers the proper training in the variety of extensions, adhesive, and tips for retention issues. The Lash House emphasis on the concept of theory of extension, cleaning and care, the application processes, understanding the tools and style of lash looks, while addressing removing and aftercare. Most importantly the safety protocols.

Method of Instruction

The Lash House classic eyelash training will consist of theory of classic eyelash extensions, concept of eyelashes and lash growth cycle. This training program will give the resources of what is needed for a successful lash artist to understand tools and cleaning of products and lashes. The Lash House will teach step by step application process while emphasizing on taping lashes, isolations of lashes and proper placement. The lecture will include extension curls, lash weights, adhesives, rules and tips. While including Q/A and group discussions. The course will include lash mapping, style and eye shapes. The Lash House is determined to educate the allergy and safety protocols. After a day (8 hours) of classroom work and thoroughly understanding the education of classic lash extension the training would progress to practicing the application process. On the final day of training, the students would practice on mannequins and apply extensions. Once confident in this step the class would practice applying classic lashes to a live model for 3-4 hours. Before completing the course the students would take a quiz and complete a full set of classic lash on live models.

Course Objectives

1.    Understanding the proper application of classic lashes and products to maintain proper lash health, while using the correct tools.
2.    To understand the practical instruction and practice the implementation on clients.

Course Topics

Lecture and Q/A:

●    Concept of Classic Eyelash Extensions
●    Lash Growth (Anagen, Catagen,Telogen)
●    Checklist of Tools Needed
●    Proper cleaning of Lashes
●    Step by Step Application Process
○    Sanitation of hands and tools
○    Eye pad application and taping lashes
○    Preparation of Lashes
○    Isolation
○    Proper placement of lashes
○    Working with drying glue
○    Checking proper placement
●    Extensions Curls
●    Lash Weight vs. Natural Lash
●    Proper Adhesive Usage
●    Humidity & Room Temperature
●    Retention Issues
●    Lash Mapping
●    Eye Shapes
●    Removing Lashes
●    Allergic Reactions vs. Irritations
●    Client Expectations
●    Emergency Protocol
●    Lash Aftercare

Practical (on Mannequin and live Model)

●    Cleansing of the natural lash
●    Eye pad application and taping lashes
●    Application set up
●    Isolation of the natural lash
●    Using adhesive in  tray or ring
●    Applying the eyelash extensions
●    Bonding the adhesive
●    Removal of the extensions

Textbook & Tools

●    The Lash House Training Manual for Classic Lash Extensions
●    Classic Lash Extension Quiz
●    Mannequins
●    Classic lashes
●    Lash cleanser
●    Pen for mapping
●    Alcohol wipes
●    Adhesives
●    Tweezers: Isolation and classic
●    Medical foam or eye patches
●    Medical tape
●    Lash title
●    Glue tray or glue ring
●    Primer
●    Micro brushes
●    Spoolies
●    Drying fan
●    Microfiber Sponges