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Lash Lift & Tint Course


Course Description


This course will teach the perming and tinting fundamentals to offer this technique to your future clients in a safe and effective way. You will fully understand the chemical process that takes place when perming and tinting natural eyelashes. While learning the safety and sanitation protocols to follow. Learning how to effectively use any brand to prep lashes, set rods, set curls, dye and condition natural lashes. The Lash House Lash Lift and Tint course will provide all products needed for this course. The Lash House Lash Lift and Tint course’s curriculum was created as a hands-on course, so you will be confident to provide this service to your clients.


Method of Instruction


There are clients who cannot wear lash extensions due to allergy/sensitivity, time restraint or the cost of lash extensions. However, they want something on their lashes that are easy; still giving them the look they desire. As an esthetician/ cosmetologist we want to deliver this look to our clients. In this course, you will learn about perm/tint ingredients and neutralizers while understanding how they work. Also, learning how each product offers different processing times and different steps. We will also dive into allergic reactions and how to handle clients' needs. What sets The Lash House courses apart from others is we tackle the topic of allergic reactions and what to do when this happens and how to move forward. Our course also teaches how to relax curls, giving your client the exact style and look they want. We will learn how to choose proper perm products for your clients. During this course, you will practice what you’ve learned on a live model!


Course Objectives


1.    Students will learn lash lift and tinting theory of ingredients and how they work.

2.   Students will learn and understand the different techniques of lash lifts and tinting.

3.    Students will learn about perm neutralizers and how they work.

4.    Students will learn how to choose proper products for each individual client.

5.    Students will learn how to recognize and address an allergic reaction and what safety protocol steps to take.

6.   Students will learn step by step to take while giving clients lash lift and tint.

7.   Students will be able to demonstrate safe treatment procedures.

8.    Students will learn to give their clients the style and look they desire.

9.    Students will practice on a live model.


Course Topics


This course will be delivered in four (4) parts. This course is a one (1) day class that will take 2 hours depending on class discussions.


1.) In the first part of the training course, we will discuss the theory of lash perm history and what the lash lift and tint service will entitle. Students will learn the fundamentals of the ingredients and chemical processing time. Also, understanding the perm neutralizers and how they work. Knowing this information we will learn about the growth cycle of the natural lash. We will learn about allergies and eye conditions. Lastly, we will learn sanitation and safety protocol to effectively complete the service.


2.) The second part of the training course, the students will learn the different techniques to offer to clients. With learning and choosing a variety of products to offer to fit each individual client. The students will learn step by step the application process. The students then will learn the relaxing process step by step.


3.) The Lash House education offers emergency protocols and non-emergency

results if the process does not go according to plan.


4.) The final part of this lash lift and tint course will be bringing in a live model to practice a lash lift and tint on.


Textbooks & Tools


The Lash House Training Manual Lash Lift

Perm cream

Neutralizing cream

Eye gel pads

Cleansing pads

Silicone pad

Spoolie brush


Lash lift rods

Rod Adhesive

Plastic press the eyelashes

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