Volume Lash Extensions

Course Descriptions

The Lash House volume lash course that will build off the foundations of the classic lash extension course. This course will require students who have already participated in the class course or who have already been practicing in classic lashing. The students will understand the theory of volume and perfect the technique of volume lashing. This course will include the types of lashes, creating styles, proper attachment of lashes, product knowledge, sanitation, and understanding all the protocols. This volume lash course focuses on giving clients the fuller lavish lashes that they're looking for. With this course you have the opportunity to build the skills to offer more to your clientele.

Method of Instruction

The Lash House volume lash course will consist of understanding the theory of volume lashes, types of lashes, creating different styles, mapping, proper weight with lashes, and proper attachment of lashes. The volume course will be a resource and guide for a professional lash artist to be successful in giving a safe and desired lash to clients. The Lash House course emphasizes how to correctly build volume fans. While offering students a variety of different ways to build volume fans. The lecture will consist of the education in product knowledge, growth cycles, and sanitation. The students will understand all protocols of safety, step by step application, emergency. This segment will include class discussions and Q/A of what was reviewed in the lecture portion of the course. After a full day (8 hour) of classroom work and a thorough understanding of the education of volume lashing, the course will proceed to the practical portion of the course.
The practical portion of the course will proceed on the second day (day 2) of class, where the students are able to put what they've learned into place. The Lash House practical course will consist of the students working on a mannequin. The students will apply the volume extensions on the mannequins, while putting the content of the lecture to use. The students are able to style, lash map, build fans and apply the step by step application of the lashes while doing safely. During this time the students are able to practice the different ways to build volume fans. This will be a time where the students are able to find what technique works best for them. This will take place in the first half of the second day (day 2: 4 hours) of the course. For the final practical of the course, after the students are confident working on mannequins. The students are responsible for being in a live model for them to practice all the knowledge they've learned. The students will complete a full volume set of lashes on their live model. This final practical will have 3-4 hours to complete the model. Before completing the course the students will take a quiz and review the  full volume set on live model.

Course Objectives

1.    Understand the theory and knowledge of practicing volume lash extensions in a safe and correct application process.
2.    Understanding the practical instruction and practicing proper lash fanning application.

Course Topics

Lecture and Q/A:

●    Understanding lash history
●    Types of lashes
●    Creating fans
●    Creating diverse looks
●    Lash mapping
●    Attachment of fan
●    Learning different fans and applications
●    Bridging, stacking, capping lash fans
●    Product knowledge
●    Growth cycles
●    Sanitation
●    Allergies & Patch test
●    Safety protocol
●    Step by Step application
○    Sanitation of artist and tools
○    Eye pad application and taping lashes
○    Preparation of lashes (cleaning lashes)
○    Isolation
○    Building fans
○    Proper placement of lashes
○    Working with drying adhesive
○    Wrapping lashes with fans
○    Checking proper placement
●    Emergency protocol
●    Troubleshooting

Practical (Mannequin & Live Model):

●    Proper sanitation of tools and artist/client
●    Cleansing of the natural lash
●    Eye pad application and taping lashes
●    Application set up
●    Isolation of natural lash
●    Using adhesive tray or ring
●    Building volume fan
●    Applying fan to natural lash
●    Bonding the adhesive
●    Removal of fans

Textbook & Tools

●    The Lash House Training Manual for Volume Lash Extensions
●    Volume Lash Extension Quiz
●    Mannequins
●    Volume Lashes
●    Lash House cleanser
●    Pen for mapping
●    Alcohol wipes
●    Lash House adhesive
●    Tweezers: Isolation and Volume Tweezer
●    Medical foam or eye pads
●    Medical tape
●    Lash Tile
●    Glue tray or Glue ring
●    Lash House primer
●    Microfiber brushes
●    Lash spoolies
●    Drying fan
●    Microfiber sponges